Turkeys are hatching!

Looks like we are up to about 44 for our first hatch.  More in the incubator.  We've been working on breeding heritage birds for meat characteristics for the past few years.  Will have to see how these turn out.

Spring planting guide . . .

First time with a greenhouse . .. Here's what we are planning for the garden/sale this year:

    crookneck, yellow
    black beauty zucchini
    Bennings Green tint
    Superpik (small yellow straight)
    gold rush (small yellow straight)
    sweet dumpling
    serrano/camino real
    serrano sinaloa
    bulls horn/Atris
    ancho magnifico
    mulato (ancho when dried)
    long cayenne
    early jalapeno
    purple jalapeno
    bulgarian carrot
    beaver dam, hungarian
    ascent, mini thai
    san marzano
    orange oxheart
    mortgage lifter
    german green
    cherokee purple
    chocolate cherry
kale    tuscan palm
parsnips    gladiator
    white spear
jubilee corn    
    supersweet (order 2M)
colored cauliflower    
    veronica/Orbit, green
    overwintering, Alderney
potato seed    
    yukon gold
    pineapple ground cherry
    giant - dills atlantic giant
cucumbers, pickling    
    double dew
    amy (yellow)


Le Bresse Poultry

As one chef termed them, "the Rolls Royce of chickens for eating."  We are proud to have secured a small breeding flock of these from Shepherds Lane near Lebanon, OR.  Check out Shepherds Lane (great people) at www.shepherdslane.com for top notch sheep genetics and fiber sales.  They have beautiful pelts and fiber for spinning.

Busy 2014 . . . winding down

It's been a busy and tumultous year . . . Loss of my job at Intel, slowing down on the pork production (ramping back up, but on a pre order basis) and keeping a few small batches of cornish cross chickens going.  On the bright side, plenty of wood put away for the winter, a part time job with a local butcher/sausage maker and about 40 gallons of wine put away.