Butcher pigs --  Hampshire and Hampshire/Yorkshire cross.  $2.40/lb hanging weight.  

Estimating availabilty March 2017.  Sold out.

Estimating availability July 2017.  Sold out.

Estimating availability September 2017.  Taking orders, now.

Barbecue pigs - None available at this time.  Give us a call and we can try to hook you up with someone in the area or if someone backs out of a butcher pig order, might have one come up.

Cornish Cross chickens.  $3.25 per pound.  Birds are fresh, chilled and air dried (refrigerated) for 24 hours before bagging and placed in shrink bags.  Ready to cook or put in your freezer.  

Corn/soy free cornish cross chickens available upon request.  Approximately $4.35/lb.  Minimum order, 20 chickens.  Please contact in advance.

$3.25 per lb, conventional feed, Union Mills broiler and layer pellets, local wheat and local cracked corn, availability, below.                                      

                                    Late January 2017/Early February. Sold out.

                                  Estimating late June 2017.  Sold Out.

                                   September/October 2017.  Sold out


Turkeys - Nov 2017 sold out/Coyotes picked up most of them.   $3.15/lb. 

Eggs, free range, $4.25 per dozen - very limited quantities